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Marcou Construction runs a safe/clean operation. Producing products out of blasted ledge rock is our specialty. All of our processing plants are portable and very versatile to custom fit just about anywhere. With decades of experience and know how we can produce usable materials out of your ledge rock.

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We know that finding the best value is your priority and we will do our best to provide a fair evaluation of your needs.

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Surface mining is extremely difficult, We pride ourselves on the ability to be safe, efficient, and productive while producing materials to supply your needs.

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We use quality machines which are well maintained to maximize our production uptime for you. We are very well organized and professional company.  


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Marcou construction will maintain a well organized and clean work site from the moment we show up to the moment we finish the job. Are plants are well cared for and extremely productive. Our crews also perform like a well oiled machine making the difficult tasks of rock crushing look easy. Use our expertise and know how to take your quarry to the next level.


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30+ Years of Portable Crushing